How to manage competing priorities

DevOps (and DevSecOps) are the unsung heroes of software engineering: in-between the developers and the C-suite making sure everything works smoothly. While keeping bosses up to speed, you’re also trying to get the best from developers with the most suitable technologies, such as containers and Kubernetes.

Managing these technologies is complex. Plus, as automation increases, the energy you invest getting to grips with new platforms might actually be wasted. By using Appvia to manage Kubernetes, you can free yourself from these issues and take aim at bigger problems.

Appvia offers DevOps three main benefits

  • Give developers freedom to code within a secure framework

  • Keep your organisation safe with centrally managed security

  • Reduce pressure on the DevOps team and friction with developers


Flexibility: wonderful but risky

Kubernetes’ strength is due in large part to its flexibility, but flexibility creates its own problems. Specifically, you face increased security risks if errors are made at the configuration stage or during cloud setup.

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Same result, far less stress

Choosing the right product can transform how your teams work and set you on the path to strong and sustainable growth. What do we mean by the ‘right product’? One that helps you achieve the same results with lower overheads and less stress.