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Developers move fast, always looking to the future. This puts other departments on the back foot, trying to manage risk. Sometimes you have to wait hours if not days before you can test and deploy working versions. Does it really have to be like this? Not with Kubernetes automation tools.

Appvia Kore provides container orchestration that lets your teams deploy applications to Kubernetes with ease. With Kore, you can remove the irritation of seeking resources from other teams and smooth over the sometimes fractious relationship with Ops. Ultimately, this means getting high-quality products out the door faster, which has a direct impact on customers.

Appvia Kore offers developers three main benefits

  • Self serve Kubernetes and ship features faster

  • Avoid frustrating development delays

  • Let your whole team use containers without trouble

Time Saver

You can banish the bottleneck

Imagine if, instead of tackling an endless list of configuration options, setting up Kubernetes was as easy as choosing a mobile phone plan. That’s the magic of Kore. By connecting the platform to your cloud providers, you eliminate complexity and allow your teams to start using Kubernetes themselves.

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You can banish the bottleneck

Developers being held back by the tussle between departments once seemed an unavoidable fact of software engineering. Not anymore. With Appvia Kore, ops preparation takes minutes, not weeks.

Banish the bottleneck. Choose freedom.
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