Cloud Native Landing Zones

Cloud set up for a cloud first strategy

Create a cloud platform with ongoing governance, to unlock the power of cloud native for your organization.

Scale your foundation

Starting in cloud, the right way is hard. Doing it with the right multi team cloud set up is even harder. Our Cloud Native Landing Zone framework utilizes our experience in building and maintaining landing zones for operating in the cloud, securely. Our prebaked solution is then tailored to your organization's needs to give you the confidence to realize the benefits of a cloud first strategy. 

Our Solutions Architects work with yours to map out your technical and business requirements in design sessions to build an automated and repeatable infrastructure to protect your organization against unmanaged cloud sprawl, both in terms of security and cost.

Step 1

Help you define /build your cloud strategy

Assessing where you currently are, what the blockers and challenges are for adoption and validating a ROI for your cloud strategy.

Step 3

Implement CI and CD for the landing zone

Least privileged CI pipelines, segregated so that the correct teams are managing the repos in line with your operating model.

Step 2

Design the landing zone / multi team structure

We implement documented configuration recommendations from the vendors. This is generally referred to as the well-architected approach.

Step 4

Handover to your teams to manage and expand

Handover to your teams to manage and expand

Demos and shadowing to bed in the knowledge and practice to start accelerating your cloud adoption.

  • Cloud structure

    We navigate through the cloud well architected frameworks to find a cloud account structure that works for your organization.

  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)

    We ensure your IAM is set up with secure and single sign-on using your organization’s credentials enabled, so that you don’t have to manage multiple identities.

  • Cloud networking

    We work together to design and implement a hub and spoke network for your organization to allow for scalability, whilst controlling your network infrastructure centrally.

  • Audit and monitoring

    We implement the initial setup for your cloud and applications to be monitored centrally, to give you the confidence to grow with governance in place.

  • Security

    We implement preventative and detective guardrails using your organization’s standards and industry defined security standards to meet your compliance needs.

  • Budgeting

    As part of the engagement, we give you the budgetary tools necessary to closely monitor your monthly expenditures.

Case study

Success Story: Large Financial Institution Smoothly Migrates To Cloud

Read how Appvia were embedded into the organisation to collaborate with cyber security, service management, architecture and finance to design, build and implement a secure landing zone.

Appvia have provided a consistently high-quality product and service to the Home Office. They have shown a drive to not just innovate but provide guidance and assistance to the Home Office, promoting agile delivery.

Matt Philpott
Director, Enterprise Technology,
UK Home Office

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