What is your cloud strategy?

Seven out of ten of the world’s most valuable companies are now tech firms, up from two a decade ago. The pace of change is extraordinary and it shows no sign of slowing. In the midst of this exciting turbulence, it’s not always possible to see the way ahead clearly.

A recent development affecting software engineering outfits everywhere is what’s known as being ‘cloud native’. Essentially this means using the cloud to realise your vision quicker and bridge whatever technology and skills gaps your organisation is facing.

Double-Pronged Approach

But how can you develop a cloud strategy and keep a handle on the

  • Make container adoption easy and secure with a robust platform that empowers your teams and sets you on the path to success.

  • Take advantage of our expertise to understand where you are now, the best way to get where you want to be, and what changes to make.

Ease of Use

Make container adoption easy and secure

Appvia Kore is a safe Kubernetes platform that makes security management straightforward while allowing your teams to do more. Using our software you can set security policy centrally and apply it across your whole organisation with minimal fuss.

Appvia helps you with DevOps cost saving, too. Recruitment is one of the biggest challenges facing organisations looking to benefit from containerisation. There just aren’t enough professionals out there who understand the technology. With Appvia, your teams can use containers in a consistent way without the need to hire professionals with niche skills.

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Take advantage of our expertise

Mistakes are great teachers. But the beauty of outsourcing is getting the benefit of experience while avoiding the bumps and bruises. Alongside our software, we offer tailored consultancy: an expert and objective opinion to strengthen your decision-making so you can choose the right technology and the most efficient route to your goals.

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