Product Manager vs. Product Owner, is there a difference and do you need one?

Product management versus delivery management... two distinct but complementary roles within a company, each serving essential purposes. Understanding their significance can shed light on their importance to an organisation. Some may argue that both are essential, while others might contend that product management alone is enough. Let's explore and determine their significance. In this episode of the Cloud Unplugged podcast, Jon and Jay share their thoughts on product management and delivery management. They discuss how these roles contribute to efficient product development and when they become crucial, the challenges and importance of having a clear vision for your product, and how to settle the potential conflicts between these roles.

Nicholas Chang and Steve Nicholl, Kainos. Navigating Cloud Adoption

In this episode of The Cloud Unplugged Podcast, Nicholas Chang, and Steve Nicholl, from Kainos, join Jon to share insights on the challenges of navigating cloud adoption framework, platform engineering, and the significance of collaboration in the industry. They cover keeping up with the rapidly evolving cloud technologies through social networking, choosing the right platform and service for creating applications, and giving autonomy to developers while implementing the necessary guardrails to prevent damage.

Chris Stura, PwC UK. Platform Engineering & Business Success.

Jon sits down with Chris Stura, Director of Financial Services at PwC. Together, Jon and Chris delve into the realm of cloud computing and software development, highlighting the challenges that businesses in the technology sector face. Gain valuable insights on leveraging technology for business success and the crucial role of integrating technology into effective business strategies.

Colin Humphreys, Syntasso. Anti-Patterns Exposed: Building Platforms the Right Way

In this episode of Cloud Unplugged, Jon sits down with Colin Humphreys, CEO & Co-Founder of Syntasso. The two tackle the confusing jargon prevalent in the cloud industry and its impact on effective communication, they delve into the significance of product management and design as crucial elements of platform engineering, and they relive the challenging times when Dev and Ops used to be separate entities.

Haseeb Budhani, Rafay Systems. Bridging the Gap: Development and Developer Experience

In this episode of Cloud Unplugged, host Jon is joined by Haseeb Budhani, the Co-founder and CEO of Rafay Systems. Rafay Systems is at the forefront of delivering cloud-native Kubernetes management and operation solutions to corporations and managed services. Jon and Haseeb explore the thought-provoking topic of build vs. buy in the platform engineering world, shedding light on the advantages and challenges associated with this approach.

Richard Simon, T-Systems. Every Cloud Migration Has a Silver Lining

Jay is joined by Richard Simon, CTO at T-Systems, a business that drives digital transformation for companies by offering integrated end-to-end IT solutions. Jay and Richard discuss the four stages of cloud migration, how to establish a Cloud Centre of Excellence, what polycloud is, and why you need more than a hammer to build a house.

Charles Humble, Container Solutions. Technical Writing in the Cloud Era

In this episode, Jay is accompanied by Charles Humble, the Editor-in-Chief at Container Solutions, a cloud native consultancy. Having the benefit of being a writer in such a technical field, Charles brings a fascinating perspective to cloud discussion. Together, Jay and Charles discuss working remotely in the cloud space, why some companies fail at cloud adoption, and draw parallels between programming and writing. Finally, they wrapped up their discussion by exploring what part AI shall play in the future of technical writing.

Kasper von Grünberg, Humanitec. What it Means to be a Platform Engineer

his time on Cloud Unplugged, hosts Jon and Jay are joined by Kaspar von Grünberg, the Founder and CEO of Humanitec. Working as a platform orchestrator, Humanitec is a product that enables companies to build internal developer platforms. In the episode, Jon, Jay and Kaspar discuss what it means to be a platform engineer, if the industry has a measure of what ‘good’ looks like, and whether having strong opinions of a platform is a positive or negative thing.

Optimal Platform Engineering Team Sizes

In this episode, Jon and Jay discuss the ideal sizes for platform engineering teams. During the course of their conversation, the pair talk through ways to optimise team size to ensure business efficiency, what an ideal platform team size ratio would be, why some platform teams have become bloated, and hypothesise about the concept of a ‘zero-person’ company.