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08 April 2020 by Katy Ryder

London, UK; 6th March 2020: Appvia, a secure delivery solution enabling digital delivery teams to develop and release at scale, has announced the launch of a new platform called Appvia Kore Operate which will transform how organisations use Kubernetes.

Kore Operate is a cloud-based platform that enables the automation of development environments and security standards for teams using Kubernetes. It is designed to make Kubernetes a commodity for any organisation by removing the need for specialist, high-skilled users to set up and maintain it. In short, it has been built to make Kubernetes self-service for developer teams.

Kubernetes, which is a powerful open-source container-orchestration system for automating application deployment, is incredibly complicated, requiring a lot of resources and knowledge to use effectively. For example, when a developer requests a development environment it currently needs to be provisioned manually by an operations team. The operations team needs to create the environment, relevant permission controls and trigger automation pipelines. This in turn creates bottlenecks which often delays the start of development projects by several days. Kore removes this problem, freeing up developers to concentrate on developing business features and reduces the burden on DevOps teams to manage the process.

In addition, Kore automates the security requirements for Kubernetes clusters based on an organisation's specific needs. This is a significant problem for a number of organisations as each cluster currently has to be configured manually. Not only is this a time consuming process, it is also high-risk as mistakes can lead to serious security or stability issues.

Jonathan Shanks, CEO and co-Founder of Appvia, said: 

“Kubernetes is revolutionising development and IT infrastructure - thousands of major organisations have already started using it. However, it is not a perfect solution. At the moment, it requires a lot of resources and a high-degree of skill to manage a lot of clusters securely at scale. This can lead to bottlenecks and security concerns. We built Kore to tackle all of these issues at once and bring Kubernetes closer to developers without compromising on security and best practice. This will save organisations time and money, enable developers to do what they do best - innovate and it will reduce the burden on DevOps teams to manage development projects.”

With Appvia Kore Operate, development teams can get a secure cluster in minutes.

About Appvia

Appvia is a secure delivery platform enabling digital delivery teams to develop and release at scale. It enables the world’s most agile organisations to quickly and securely scale their apps and services using cloud-native technologies such as Kubernetes.

Founded in 2018 in London, Appvia is a self-funded startup which provides developers and DevOps teams with a range of cloud-native enablement tools and solutions. Appvia facilitates the reduction of infrastructure costs, development time and provides better security, stability and monitoring. Organisations like the UK’s Home Office, using Appvia, can easily harness cloud-native technologies such as Kubernetes to take the pain out of infrastructure management and rapidly deliver digital products.

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